Charlotte, NC

Virtual Assistants

Legal and Administrative Staffing

Whether you are in need of research projects, assistance on a project or continuous virtual services, Lewis & Associates can help you with those needs. Virtual assistants can strengthen your legal team by providing you with an affording, knowledgeable and fast responding team member. Let us become a virtual part of your team!

Lewis & Associates offers virtual assistant services. There has been an increasing need for providing virtual assistant services to business that want to cut down on cost while still maximizing productivity. Virtual assistants or virtual paralegals consists of individuals that work remotely as an independent professional, providing a wide range of services to companies. Virtual assistants give any size company the option to outsource assignments or projects that will save them time and money.  A benefit to having a virtual assistant is that fact that they are independent contractors rather than employees. Clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits that is included with having a full time employee on your staff. Clients also avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies.

Outsourcing virtual assistant and virtual paralegal services to Lewis & Associates allows you to control costs and increase your bottom line while having the smart advantage of utilizing virtual assistants. This service is perfect for a solo business owner, small to large law companies, or any business needing assistance with administrative tasks.

We can provide you with a virtual assistant that will result in:

  •  Having professional support only when you need it
  •  Provides assistants for an upcoming project or deadline
  •  Flexibility depending on  your needs
  •  No long term contracts
  •  Experienced professionals with the knowledge to assist you with any tasks
  •  Keep an assistant on retainer depending on your needs
  •  Increased productivity, efficiency and profitability
  •  Reduced cost for your firm

Contact us today to see the difference that a Virtual Assistant can make for you!